Black Jack Enduro Circuit

Round 4 Barteau Ranch Enduro

BJEC and TSCEC welcome you to the Barteau Ranch Enduro! This restart format enduro will test all skill levels. There is a kids race on Saturday! Come on out and let's ride!

Limited entries to first 350 riders!!

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Round 5 Fry Lake Enduro

BJEC and OkieSprint welcome to our 2nd co-sanction event of 2019. Fry Lake brings us two 7 miles loops that have a little bit of everything....sand, rocks, logs, trees you name it. This fast flowing course will be similar to last year, one of the loops will be raced in the opposite direction. For the second loop, the Fry Lake crew has some special stuff added just for you long course guys! Save time and $$$ by pre-entering below!

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2019 BJEC Membership is OPEN!

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You do not have to be a member to race with BJEC, you MUST be a member if you are riding BJEC for points!

2019 BJEC-10 races...3 drops...1 work bonus allowed

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2019 BJEC PeeWee- 7 races...2 drops

2019 BJEC Information

7 out of 10 races counted for year end awards qualification (1 work bonus allowed)

You MUST be a member to earn points towards your championship class, you do not need to be a member to ride an individual event. All riders welcome!

2019 BJEC Race Schedule

1. January 27th- Red Canyon, Fluvanna TX, Restart
-TSCEC- Registration through LiveLaps
2. March 24th- White Rock, Combs AR, Restart
-2018 BJEC banquet- At race site
3. April 7th- 111Ranch, Maramec OK, Sprint
4. April 28th- Barteau Ranch, Callisburg TX, Restart
5. May 5th- Fry Lake, Seminole OK, Sprint
6. May 19th- Golden Eagle, Stillwater OK, Sprint
7. September 8th- Lead Belt National, Park Hills MO, Restart
-NEPG- Registration through LiveLaps
8. September 29th- Hardwood Hills, Mansfield MO, Sprint
9. October 20th- Zink Ranch National, Sand Springs OK, Restart
-NEPG Registration through LiveLaps
10. November 10th- Crosstimbers, OKC OK, Restart

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